banana dream

To dream banana, interpretations and meanings of dream of banana, the dreams are not identical, they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and his peculiarities.

Dreaming banana, dreaming about eating bananas, dreaming about buying bananas, dreaming about rotten banana, dreaming about yellow banana, dreaming about green banana, dreaming about picking bananas, dreaming about banana tree, dreaming about drinking banana juice, all these variants of; Dreaming of banana, and many others, have several meanings.

Dream banana, means:

  • Dreaming of banana, predicts the benefits that the dreamer will enjoy in his life and his happiness.
  • Dream of banana, announces a good period of the life of the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of bananas can also mean primitive drives and repressed sexual desires, or unacknowledged fantasies.
  • A banana in dream, by its phallic form, reflects male sexuality.
    Dream banana, even; dreaming about eating bananas, means that your efforts will be
  • rewarded.

Dreaming banana, also means:

  • Dreaming of banana, even dreaming of peeling bananas, shows that the dreamer or the dreamer wants to learn from the end of his story that happened to him in real life.
  • Dream banana, even; dreaming of banana peels, predicts a risk for the dreamer to make a mistake or fall into a trap.
  • Dream banana, even; dream of rotten bananas, or else; dreaming of blackened bananas means that the dreamer has let things go too far.
  • Dream banana, even; dreaming of rotten bananas means that you have committed a stupidity that you will not be able to repair.

Other meanings of, dream of banana:

  • Dream of banana, reflects that the dreamer is fulfilled and fulfilled in passionate love.
  • The banana dream, linked to the life and intimacy of the couple, is a representation symbol of phallus.
  • The bananas in dreams, announces also a happy and happy period that will live the dreamer with his partner.

Bananas in dreams, also show:

  • Dream banana, even; dreaming of playing a banana with your partner, it means a problem or
  • sexual blockage in the relationship.
  • Dream of banana, omen of a passionate love.

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