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cabbage dream

Dreaming of cabbage, interpretations and meanings of dreaming of cabbages, dreams are not identical, and they can be interpreted differently, according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and its particularities.

Dreaming of cabbage, dreaming of eating neck, dreaming of cabbage leather, dreaming of growing cabbages, dreaming of buying cabbages, dreaming of green cabbage, dreaming of a lot of cabbages, dreaming of sauerkraut, dreaming of purple cabbage, dream of eating cabbages, dreaming of cutting cabbages, dreaming of planting cabbages, all these variants of; dreaming of cabbage, and many others, have several meanings.

Meanings of, dreaming of cabbage:

  • Dreaming of cabbage means that the dreamer must not waste his time in mundane things.
  • Dream of cabbage, even; dreaming of eating cabbage, predicts that dreamer needs to reconsider some of your decisions.
  • Dream of cabbage, even; dreaming of eating cabbage, announces unexpected difficulties.
  • Dream of cabbage, even; dream of seeing someone eat cabbage, an omen of sudden sadness will invade you.

Other meanings of, dreaming of cabbage:

  • Dream of cabbage, even; dreaming of planting cabbage, an omen of a comfortable life.
  • Dream of cabbage, even; dreaming of cutting cabbages means that boredom sets in your life.
  • Dream of cabbage, even; dreaming of cooking cabbage, predicts that the dreamer lives in abundance.
  • Dream of cabbage, even; to dream to see sprouts grow, presage of difficult days in your household for lack of infidelity.

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