dream erect penis

Dreaming of erect penis, meanings and interpretations of, dreaming of erect penis, dreams are not identical, and they can be interpreted differently depending on the dreamer’s reality,  and his particularities.

Dreaming of erect penis, has many meanings and interpretations, usually; dream of erect penis, is a very good omen.

Meanings of; dreaming of penis erection:

  • To dream of an erect penis, to see, to dream of the erection of his penis, it indicates the strong power of dreamer.
  • An erect penis in a dream, also means the powerful creator in you.
  • Dreaming of erect penis, omen of your great and good image in society.
  • An erect penis in a dream, reflects the freedom of the dreamer’s mind.

Other meanings of; dreaming of penis erection:

  • Dreaming of erect penis, is a symbol of desire.
  • Dream erect penis, is a sign of eroticism and sensuality.
  • Dream of penis, and see; dreaming of erect penis, can mean a great happiness of the dreamer.

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