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dream of arrest

Dreaming of being arrested, dreaming of arrest, meanings of dreaming of arrest, dreams are not identical, they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and his particularities.

dreaming of arrest, dreaming of being arrested by the police, dreaming of police arrest, dreaming of arresting her husband, dreaming of arresting someone, dreaming of being arrested by the gendarmerie, all these variants of dreaming of arrest, and many others have several meanings.

Meanings of dreaming of arrest:

  • Dreaming of arrest, even dreaming of being stopped, in front of strangers means that the dreamer is very influenced and attracted by the people around him.
  • If you dream that you can not move forward, this dream means that it is high time for you to make changes in your life, but you hold back because of the fear of the unknown.
  • Dream of arrest, even; dreaming to stop someone, means a call to your dedication.
  • Dreaming of being stopped, indicates that the dreamer will be badly rewarded.
  • Dream of arrest, is a sign of control and restraint.
  • To dream of being arrested predicts that the dreamer is unable to make his own choices.

Other meanings of dreaming of arrest:

  • dreaming of being arrested, also means that the dreamer feels trapped in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Dreaming of arrest, can also predict that certain things prevent traits of the dreamer’s personality from developing fully.
  • To dream of being arrested, this dream may reflect the feelings of guilt in the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of an arrest, indicates that the dreamer spends good times, happiness, good time for business.

Dream of arrest, also means:

  • Dream of arrest, even; dreaming to stop someone, means that one of your friends is in danger.
  • To stop, indicates that you are experiencing an affront that will cause you the strongest discomfort.
  • Stop someone, announces that you will receive bad news.
  • Dreaming that someone stops me, announces an unexpected business opportunity of which the dreamer will be surprised.
  • Dreaming of arrest, can mean a meeting a nuisance for the dreamer.
  • To be stopped in a dream means trouble in love caused by the dreamer.
  • To dream that one’s lover is arrested means that the dreamer has to doubt his loyalty.

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