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Dreaming of bathroom, meanings and interpretations of the bathroom, the dreams are not identical, they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and its peculiarities, what is the meaning of dreaming of the bathroom ?

Dreaming of the bathroom, dreaming of cleaning the bathroom, dreaming of a dirty bathroom, dreaming of a clean bathroom, dreaming of a small bathroom, dreaming of a big bathroom, dreaming of taking a bath a hot bath in a bathroom, all these variants of dreaming of bathroom, have several meanings.

Dreaming bathroom means:

  • The bathroom, in any house, is a place of purification or any dirt that can be washed.
  • Dreaming of a bathroom, reflects the psychic and moral side of the dreamer who makes efforts to remedy the errors considered heavy.
  • Dream of the bathroom, even; dreaming of not finding the way to the bathroom, represents guilt feeling in the dreamer harming his real life.
  • Dreaming of bathroom, indicates that the dreamer lives with a very bad opinion of him, and it is also possible that you become proud.

Dreaming of the bathroom means:

  • Dream of bathroom, even; dreaming of being in a bathroom with other people, indicates that the dreamer ‘s intimacy is mistreated.
  • Also, dreaming of being in a bathroom with other people, predicts that the dreamer feels assaulted by people with bad intentions.
  • Dream of bathroom, even; dreaming of a bathroom in good condition, it is a sign that the dreamer advances in his real life and that the sufferings of the past have practically disappeared, the dreamer is clear with his conscience.
  • Dreaming of bathroom, this dream symbolizes the priorities and the primary tendencies of the dreamer.

Other meanings of dreaming of bathroom:

  • dreaming of bath, can represent torments that the dreamer or the dreamer is currently meeting.
  • Also dream of bathroom, can express the dreamer looking for spiritual or psychic purification.
  • Dreaming of shared bathroom with people, indicates that the dreamer is no longer seeking discretion in the development of one of his projects.
  • Dream of a bathroom, even; dream of not being able to enter the bathroom, this dream reveals your impediments to undo or to manifest certain emotions or feelings.

the bathroom in a dream also means:

  • Dreaming of bathroom, can predict that it is time for the dreamer to be purified, or to wash of all the dirt, and turpitudes.
  • Dreaming of a bathroom means that the dreamer must try to change his life and get a new look.
  • For women; dream of being in the men’s bathroom, in a community, it reveals that in a situation you thought too far.
  • Dream of bathroom, even; dreaming of taking a hot bath, may reflect in the dreamer the unconscious desire to return to the original source.

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