Dream of candle

meanings of dream of candle

Dreaming candles, candle dream meanings, dreams are not identical, they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and its particularities.
Dreaming of a candle, dreaming of lighting a candle, dreaming of buying a candle, dreaming of putting out a candle, dreaming of blowing on a candle, dreaming of several candles, all these variations of; Candle dreaming, and many others, have several meanings.

Meanings of dream candle:

• Dream of candle, even; Dreaming of a burning candle, a sign of a birth.
• A lit candle in a dream, can also reflect a period of laziness, and that the dreamer must get by a plan of remediation of the situation, and take the step.
• Dream of candle, even; dreaming of a candle that extinguishes itself, announces the end of a period in life.
• A candle that goes out in a dream, can also announce a death.

The candle in dream, also means:

• Dream of candle, see; dreaming of making candles, it is an omen of relief and contentment by a profit or by the job.
• Dream of candle, even; dreaming of a lit candle, can also mean good news.
• Dreaming that a person turns off a candle, can mean envy, the dreamer is surrounded by a envious.
• However, dreaming of an extinct candle sometimes means bad news. But it depends on the context of the dream.

Dream of candle, also predicts:

• Dream of candle, even; dreaming of a candle with a dim light means means of sustenance, limited power and authority.
• Dream of finding a candle, for a single person, this dream announces a wedding.
• To dream of finding a candle, for a poor person, is a sign of wealth.
• Dreaming of finding a candle, for a confused, it announces that the dreamer will know the way.
• Dreaming of a black candle is often a bad omen.
• Dream of red candle, even; dreaming of a red candle burning at both ends, is an omen of infidelity that will be expensive for the dreamer.

More meanings of the candle in dream

• A lit candle in a dream can also mean luck and hope.
• Dreaming of burning candle, reflects the dreamer’s spirituality.
• Depending on the context of the dream, an extinct candle in a dream announces melancholy and sadness.
• Dreaming of a candle that does not light, means that the dreamer is in the denial of something.
• Dreaming red candle, the dreamer’s romantic sign.

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