Dream of cloud

meanings of dream of cloud

Dreaming of cloud, meanings of dream of cloud, the dreams are not identical and they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and these peculiarities.

Dreaming of cloud, dreaming of climbing the cloud, dreaming of black cloud, dreaming of white cloud, dreaming of stormy clouds, dreaming of rainy cloud, all these variants of, dream of cloud and others have several meanings.

Dream of cloud, means:

  • What does the cloud mean in dreams? the cloud in dreams, and an omen of goodness and spiritual harmony.
  • Dream of cloud, even; dream of white and beautiful cloud, announces the resolution of the problems.
  • Dream of cloud, even; dreaming of a stormy cloud, this dream represents the dreamer’s anger and his depression.
  • Dreaming of a storm cloud can also mean that the dreamer must be careful and caring.
  • Dream of cloud, even; dreaming of heavy clouds, indicates obstacles that could harm the future of the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of rainy clouds, predicts that the dreamer must take care of himself and his health.

Dream dream meanings:

  • Dreaming clouds in the sky, represents the dreams of the dreamer.
  • Dream of cloud, even; dream of many dark clouds in the sky, this dream is a bad omen, it is an omen of quarrels and trouble.
  • Dream of cloud, even; dream of black clouds, is a message for the dreamer, do not lose hope and trust, despite the failures.
  • Dream of cloud, even; dreaming of a big white cloud, is a good omen, this dream announces prosperity and luck.
  • Dream of cloud, even; to dream of black cloud charged with storm, this announces the regret of the dreamer towards a subject.

Other meanings of dreaming of cloud:

  • Dream of cloud, see; dream of gray cloud, is a bad omen, means doubt and confusion.
  • Dreaming of gray cloud, also means worry.
  • Gray clouds in dreams, means misunderstanding.
  • Dreaming of gray clouds that disappear, indicates that the dreamer will manage to overcome the difficulties.
  • Dreaming of black clouds, indicates conflict and disagreement in the house.
  • Dreaming of black clouds, also means anxieties and worries.
  • Dreaming of red clouds, indicates hassle in the dreamer’s home.

Clouds in dreams, predicts:

  • Dreaming of yellow clouds, is a sign of trouble in the work, and obstacles in the realization of projects.
  • Dreaming of white cloud, also indicates troubles that will clear up.
  • Dreaming of white cloud, also means tranquility and peace.
  • Dream of a dark cloud, a doubt in a subject or a confusion in a relationship.
  • Dreaming of clear clouds means that the dreamer will have a life of happiness.

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