Dream of doll

meanings of dolls

Dreaming of dolls, interpretations and meanings of dreams of dolls, the dreams are not identical and they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and its peculiarities.

Dreaming of a doll, dreaming of buying a doll, dreaming of carrying a doll in hands, dreaming of broken doll, dreaming of several dolls, dreaming of doll shop, dreaming of playing with dolls, dreaming of doll talking, dreaming of living doll, dreaming of dirty doll, dreaming of missing doll of a party ….., all these variants of dreaming of doll, and many others have several meanings.

Meanings of dreaming doll:

  • Dreaming doll, is a dream that can represent a humiliation or a disappointment in love.
  • The doll in dream, reflect psychological complexes of the dreamer or the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of several dolls, may reveal a lack of tenderness, or the dreamer passes moments of moral pressure.
    Dreaming doll for a woman, simply represents her child’s play,
  • childhood.
  • Dreaming of dolls, is sometimes an omen of trouble with a woman of dubious conduct.

Meanings of the doll in dream:

  • Dreaming doll, also indicates that the dreamer will soon lose his illusions towards a subject.
  • Dreaming of a doll, often indicates that the naivety of the dreamer makes the triumph of his rivals.
  • Dream of doll, see; dream of doll in the house, for a single dreamer can announce wedding.
  • Dream of doll, even; dream of playing with a doll, is an omen of short-lived pleasure.
  • Dream of doll, even; dream of a broken doll, is a bad omen.

Other meanings of dreaming doll:

  • Dream of doll, even; Dreaming of a living doll, announcing joy and a period of happiness for the dreamer.
  • Dream of doll, even; dreaming of animal doll, can also mean that the dreamer is not loved for himself.
  • Dreaming of doll, is an omen of disappointment and of woman to whom one can not count on it.

The doll in dream, also means:

  • Dream of doll, even; dream of buying a doll, this dream can also announce the dreamer’s loneliness.
  • Dream of doll, even; dream of killing a doll, this dream is an omen of pain or sadness.
  • Dream of doll, even; dream of a doll that lacks a part, this dream is an omen of sorrow for the dreamer.
  • Dream of doll, even; dreaming of dirty doll, means reflects an abnormal state that lives the dreamer.

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