dream of lizard

Dream of lizard, meanings and interpretations of; Dreaming of lizard dreams are not identical, and theyare interpreted differently, according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage, and its particularities.

Dream of lizard, dream of lizard on the bed, dream of lizard at home, dream of killing a lizard, dream of a giant lizard, dream of a lizard that attacks, all these variants of, dream of lizard, and well others have several meanings.

Dream of lizard, means:

  • To dream of lizard, in its positive aspect, the lizard, symbolizes the creativity, the revitalization and the renewal of the energies.
  • Dreaming of lizard, can represent your practical nature, you have your feet firmly on the ground.

Dream of lizard, also predicts:

  • Dreaming of lizard, can also symbolize your primitive instincts, your relationship to sex, food and your basic needs.
  • and, can also be the representation of a person of your entourage whom you consider as insensitive, cold or cowardly.
  • Dreaming  lizard, you taste a happiness of short duration, to an ephemeral joy.

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