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Meaning of dreaming of the quran; the dreams are not identical, they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and its peculiarities, what does the dream of the quran mean?

dreaming of the quran, dreaming of reading the quran, dreaming of receiving the quran as a gift, dreaming of reciting the quran, dreaming of buying a quran, dream of writing the quran, dreaming of a verse from the quran, dreaming of listening to the quran, dreaming of the open quran, all these variations of dreaming of the quran and many others have several meanings.

The Quran in dream:

As for the interpretation of dreams, the Quran, the book represents the rest, a garden of which one is soothed when one reads it and its verses represent wisdom and knowledge.

Dreaming of reading a verse from the Quran, is a symbol of wealth after poverty.

Reading a verse from the Quran in a dream, also represents guidance after a period of perdition.

The same meaning is valid when you dream of creating a craft object.

Dreaming of holding the Quran and dreaming of reading the Quran, this predicts the honor.

Dreaming of reading the Quran also means a period of victory and joy.

Dreaming of reciting the Quran or dreaming of listening to the Quran

To dream of reciting the Quran by heart, means one has a true faith & nbsp; that one is pious.

Also, reciting the Quran by heart in a dream means that the dreamer preaches what is good and condemns what is wrong.

Dreaming of hearing a verse from the Quran indicates that the dreamer must remember and follow exactly what he or she prescribes.

Hear a verse from the Quran in a dream, let this verse be in the form of a hint, the dreamer must follow it to make a profit.

Dreaming of listening to a Quran verse of warning or punishment means that the dreamer must repent immediately.

Read a verse from the Quran in a dream, and that one understands the meaning well that indicates the vigilance of the dreamer, his faith, his intelligence and his spiritual awakening.

Dreaming of reading the Quran and dreaming of writing Quran

Dreaming of a person who listens to a verse from the Quran and disagrees with this verse means that the dreamer will be angered by an authority.

Dreaming of listening to a verse from the Quran without agreeing predicts that the dreamer will soon have to undergo divine judgment.

If an illiterate person dreams that he recites the Quran, this indicates his death or that he reads his own sins that are written.

Dreaming of reciting the Quran, without paying attention to it, indicates that he prefers to follow his own logic and makes personal and distorted interpretations with Islamic commandments.

Dreaming to see eating the pages of the Quran shows that the dreamer makes a living with his knowledge.

Dreaming to read the entire Quran means that God has given him a splendid reward or that his dearest wish will be granted.

If a non-believer dreams that he is reading the Quran, he must understand that the verses of advice will help him in his life;

Also, the verses of retribution are warnings of God, and the parables indicate his thirst for knowledge.

To dream of writing verses of the Qur’an on a piece of cloth, or on stone, indicates that he interprets these versions as he pleases.

To write verses of the Koran on the ground in a dream it indicates that one is an atheist.

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