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dream room meaning, dreams are not identical they are interpreted differently depending on the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and his peculiarities. so what does the bedroom in dreams mean? this important piece that is made for sleeping. The interpretation of the room is very important for the one who makes this dream, indeed the room especially the one designated for sleep considered private and that no one has the right to enter it.

Dreaming of bedroom

a bedroom dream generally means that the dreamer has secrets to keep especially linked to his intimacy, his fantasies or a forbidden love.

Dreaming of a room for a single person predicts a romantic encounter or a marriage.

For a groom; dreaming of a bedroom can announce an event that will allow the dreamer to decide on a current situation.

see also dream of bed.

Dreaming of baby room, bedroom, hospital room ..

Dreaming of bedroom; this dream may herald a period of happy changes in the dreamer’s life.

To dream of a nursery this dream has an excellent omen.

Dreaming of hospital room; this dream may indicate a transient health problem.
Dream of a gas chamber; it is a warning that dream can herald betrayal.

The state of the room, in disorder; dirty; clean; empty; darkā€¦

A dirty and messy room in a dream announces that the dreamer is disturbed in his emotions.
Dreaming of an empty room can also signal poverty, manage your expenses well.

Have dreamed of a clean room; this dream could be a sign of disappointment.

Dreaming of an empty room does not bode well for the home.
Dreaming of a cold room heralds a period full of hassle.

Dream of a spacious and bright welcoming bedroom heralds a period conducive to peace and serenity in the intimate entourage of the sleeper.

Dreaming of a narrow and cold dark room so the dreamer can prepare to experience a series of troubles in the home.

dream of a room, unknown woman in a room

To have dreamed of being with an unknown woman in a room indicates intrigue on the one hand.
on the other hand, dreaming of being in a room with a man predicts an imminent acquaintance.
The dream of a maid this dream is an omen of trouble and hassle.
the valet in a dream indicates the return of a friendship.
dreaming of seeing a stranger in his room can also signal an encounter.

dream of dark, blue, white room and pink room

A pink bedroom in a dream reflects a lack of love and tenderness; Dreaming of a blue room next peace after a difficult period. dreaming of a dark room announces that you are being watched by someone. Also dreaming of a red bedroom translates into a relationship opposed to flashy and with a desire to live in luxury. Also dreaming of a white bedroom can mean a desire for purity and virginity. Also the white room predicts a need for cleansing to purify one’s mind. For a patient; a white room in a dream announces a cure.

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