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dream to pray meaning introduction

dream of praying meaning, Dreams are not identical, they are interpreted differently depending on the dreamer’s reality, those around him and his particularities. What does prayer in a dream mean? Dream of praying, praying in a mosque, praying in Mecca, seeing someone praying, dreaming of a bad prayer, dreaming of praying Aljoumouâ (Friday prayer), all these variants of dreaming of praying and others have several meanings. dreaming of praying generally represents a project in personal or professional life marriage, work or other.

Dream of praying in a mosque, praying of the prophet

Praying in a dream mosque reflects a period of despair in which the dreamer lives this dream can also mean a call for forgiveness. sometimes this dream predicts that you will return to faith and to the right path. Praying in the dream mosque also represents security. Dreaming of hearing the prayer of the prophet mohamed (sala allah alayhi wa salam) this dream is a sign of despair in the dreamer the latter wants to implore a positive solution by prayer.

Dreaming of praying in front of the kaaba or the mecca

praying before the Kaaba in a dream is a sign of blessing, your future will be blessed. Also Praying to the Mecca also announces that your life plans are on the right track. Dreaming of praying to the mecca predicts close friends who will free you from a big trouble. Friday prayer in a dream represents the fight against evil and violence. Also dreaming of Friday prayer symbolizes a family gathering and accomplishment of the project.

Poorly made prayer in dreams

Dreaming of praying without a foulare indicates an error that will cause trouble. the dream of praying in the wrong direction on a prayer mat is the prediction that the dreamer needs the advice and support of your family or friends.
dream of prayer from AL fajr see someone pray
Seeing someone praying in Islam announces that the dreamer needs a lot of strength to overcome adversity. Dream of praying; al fajr is a great dream you will have everything you need. Also alfajr’s dream prayer announces the start of a project in your life.

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