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dreaming of glasses

Dreaming glasses meaning

The dreams are not identical they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his surroundings and his peculiarities, that means to dream of spectacles?

Meaning of dreaming of glasses, dreaming of broken glasses, dreaming of breaking his glasses, dreaming of glass of glasses, dreaming of losing his glasses, dreaming of sunglasses, dreaming of trying on glasses, all these variants of dreaming of glasses and many others have many meanings.

Dreaming glasses often explains the need to be supported, rescued, helped or guided.

To dream of taking off one’s glasses predicts that the dreamer will have the confidence he needs.

The glasses in dream, can also indicate that the dreamer lives a difficulty or a problem and that he will have to solve.

Dreaming glasses is a dream that is not very beneficial while its importance is not very great.

To dream of losing one’s glasses means that the dreamer will have to act without delay, as this is necessary for his status and position.

Dreaming to buy glasses

Dreaming of buying red glasses means that someone is trying to steal the dreamer.

To buy red glasses in a dream, can represent an adviser and that the dreamer will have to be careful in his projects.

Dreaming of looking for his glasses reveals that the dreamer is in trouble.

Dreaming of being with glasses, or dreaming of buying glasses announces that the dreamer, will have a throb of melancholy without trouble trying to take the initiative to distract you.

Dreaming of broken or dirty glasses

Dream of broken glasses, this dream is an omen of boredom that worries a little the dreamer while it will not last.

The broken glasses in a dream can be an omen of separation.

Dreaming dirty and opaque glasses glasses, this dream means to the dreamer to see the things that are close to him first.

Dreaming sunglasses

Dreaming of looking through dark glasses, or dreaming of wearing dirty glasses, this dream means that the dreamer has an illusion in the determination of his goals and objectives

Also dreaming of wearing black sunglasses, this may indicate that the dreamer has pessimistic thoughts vis-à-vis those around him

Dreaming of sunglasses, also means that the dreamer tries to hide some facets of him.

Dreaming of sunglasses or dreaming of blacks, can show that the dreamer is trying to hide something.

dreaming that her husband wears sunglasses, signifying disturbances in their relationship.

Dreaming of yellow or black sunglasses this dream represents fears often experienced by the dreamer.

Dreaming of glasses

Dreaming of glasses announces a period of personal progression.

dream glasses can also mean that the dreamer’s path is not the right one.

Dreaming to see clearly through glasses, represents the clarity of the vision of the dreamer that allows him to make decisions faster.

Eyeglasses in dreams, is an omen of growth on a personal level.

Also means that the dreamer becomes more intuitive even more intellectual.

dreaming to use another person’s eyeglasses, this predicts a possible spoliation.

Dreaming of glasses in a bad dream scenario represents disgrace; a loss due to the blindness of the dreamer.

Dreaming of approaching glasses shows that the dreamer becomes a person who sees further.

Dreaming 3D glasses

To dream of 3D glasses this dream means that the dreamer must step back a little to understand a situation that concerns him.

Other meaning of glasses dream

Dreaming of marine glasses, this dream is an omen of travel.
Dreaming of theater glasses, it is an ad a wealth and fortune.

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