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henna dream

henna dream

henna dream , Dreaming of henna, interpretations and meanings of, dreaming of henna, the dreams are not identical. and they are interpreted differently, according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage, and his peculiarities.

Dream of henna, dream of henna for women, dream of henna for men, dream of putting henna on the hand, or. dreaming of henna on the hand, dreaming of putting henna on the foot. dreaming of henna on the face, dreaming of mixing henna, dreaming of henna leaves, dreaming of putting henna on the hair, dreaming of making henna, all these variants of, dream of henna, have several meanings.

henna dream 1

Dream of henna, means:

Before knowing the interpretation of to dream of henna, it is necessary to distinguish between, to dream of henna, and; dream of tattoos, the latter take on other meaning.

Dream of henna, for a woman, and see; dreaming of henna all over her body, predicts a very good relationship with her husband.

Dream of henna, see; dream of putting henna on her hand, but the hue does not take, so that means a lack of attention from her husband towards her.

To dream of henna, and to see, to dream of putting henna on one’s nails, it points to the grape or vineyard.

In the tradition and Arab-Muslim culture, henna, is part of many wedding fiancée celebrations births and almost all occasions joyous, so. dreaming of henna. translates the relationship between the husband and wife, or a fiancée with his fiancee, or extended benefits either at the social or personal level.

henna dream

Other meanings of, dream of henna:

Dream of henna, for singles, and a warning about all that to romantic relationship, it can mean that the relationship illegitimate.

Dream of henna, and see; to dream of henna of color different from that in Reality for example; dreaming of green henna, dreaming of black henna. dreaming of blue henna, this dream announces an unstable family situation, or else, predicts a not satisfaction at the moral or financial level.

Dreaming of henna, is a symbol of joy, and marriage in real life but, dreaming of henna, certainly does not announce an upcoming wedding.

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