Meaning of dream of flower

Meaning of dream of flower, the dreams are not identical, they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and his peculiarities, that means the flowers in dream?

 Dreaming flowers, dreaming about a flower, dreaming about getting a bouquet of flowers, dreaming about a lot of flowers, dreaming about picking flowers, dreaming about watering flowers, dreaming about planting flowers, dreaming about white flowers, dreaming about Red flowers, dreaming of black flowers, all these variants of dreaming of flowers and others have several meanings.

Meanings of dreaming of flowers:

Dreams of flowers are dreams that have a good omen.

the flowers in dream symbolize joy and happiness in the dreamer’s life.

Dreaming flowers, also represents the dreamer’s love and compassion.

Also, to dream of flower, reveals the sweetness of the dreamer, its beauty or its pleasure.

The flower in dream, can also represent the spirituality and perfection of the dreamer.

Dreaming of white flowers symbolizes sadness or innocence.

Meanings of dream of flower 2:

The yellow flowers in a dream, represent glory, success and prosperity.

Dreaming of yellow flowers also means harmony and joie de vivre or mutual love.

Dreaming of yellow flowers, may indicate infidelity or betrayal.

Pink flowers in dreams, is a symbol of friendship or tender love.

To dream of pink flowers, is an omen of softness, tenderness and affection of the dreamer.

 Depending on the state of the dream, red flowers in a dream can represent the dreamer’s anger towards a subject.

But also, to dream of red flower, indicates the ambition, the courage, the love and the passion of the dreamer.

Dream of flower meaning 3:

the blue flowers in dreams, is a sign of need of remoteness.

Dreaming of blue flowers, can also indicate melancholy and lullaby love.

Dreaming of faded flowers, this dream announces an emotional disappointment, or to end a romantic relationship.

faded flowers in dreams, can also announce a disease.

Dream of flower, even; dream of receiving a bouquet of flowers, this dream is a sign of admiration, respect and reward.

dreaming of receiving flowers, means that the dreamer is surrounded by good and faithful friends.

Other meanings of dreaming of flower.

Dreaming of picking flowers, heralds a new love story.

also dream of picking flowers announces profits and profits.

Dreaming cut flowers, indicates that you will make profits.

Dreaming of flowers that grow, indicates that your near future brings you joy and a lot of love.

Planting flowers in dreams means that the dreamer will receive honors.

Dreaming dried flowers, a sign of lasting friendship.

Dream of nutmeg, announce an invitation to a party, or attend a feast.

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