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Meaning of fruit dreams.

Meaning of fruit dreams.

In dreams, fruits represent love in a sensual way, indicating our vitality and prosperity on a material or spiritual level. This dream can be good or bad depending on the way things are going on. Fruit dreams show us our sense of humor and our ability to take things lightly. Fruits are always a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

If in dream we see very tempting fresh fruit whether on a plant on the table or at the vegetable store this is an omen of good health and it means that we will have a lot of strength and vitality to get out of our problems.

If in dreams we see fruits with a fairly firm flesh like apple, pear, peach, papaya, banana or other tropical fruits this announces the arrival of many sensual pleasures and means that we will appreciate them very much.

If we see a citrus fruit like orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime etc … … it means that we will be very successful in business and that we will acquire material goods.

If in dream we see forest fruits like strawberries raspberries redcurrants blackberries blackcurrants cranberries etc ……. it means that we will live long and stay healthy.

If in dream we see green and unripe fruit it means that we will experience very difficult moments before starting a very good stage of life.

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