mice dream

Dream of mice, meanings and interpretations of; dreams of mice, dreams are not identical, and they are interpreted differently, according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage, and its particularities.

Dreaming of a mouse, dreaming of a black mouse, dreaming of a white mouse, dreaming of a lot of mice, dreaming of a mouse attacking, dreaming of catching a mouse, dreaming of beating a mouse, dreaming of a gray mouse, dreaming of a mouse and rat, dreaming of a mouse on the bed, dreaming of a mouse running away, dreaming of premonitory; all these variants of, dream of mice, have several meanings.

Interpretations of, dream of mice:

  • Dream of a mouse, the mouse in a dream, symbolizes the deep unconscious of fears, but also the sweetness.
  • Dreaming of a mouse, can testify to a feeling of insignificance and a lack of self-confidence.
  • Dreaming of the mouse, when, in bad dreams, or nightmares or appearing mice translate old fears, indefinable anxieties and unfounded fears.
  • Dream of mice, see; to dream of being afraid of the mice, reflects your fear of the underground parts of your being, those that you do not give to anyone. It is by learning about yourself, by becoming aware of yourself, that you can get rid of those kinds of dreams.

Dream of mouse, also means:

  • Dreaming of mice, can mean that you live in someone else’s shadow, you are crushed under the weight of a personality, much stronger than yours.
  • Dream of mice, see; dreaming of mice that swarm; can represent minor problems of daily life, minor inconveniences, which are for you a source of continual irritation.
  • Dream of mice, see; dream of a dead mouse, caught in a trap means that you do not let the little problems invade you, you know how to manage your priorities,
  • Dream of mice, see; dreaming of finding a dead mouse in a mousetrap, and starting to smell bad or rot means that there is a case that you have left out for too long and your negligence causes you remorse.

Other meanings of, dream of mouse:

  • Dream of mice, see; dream of a mouse pursued by a cat, means that you let the others jostle you, you do not know how to protect your private space and make you respect of your entourage.
  • Dream of mice, see; dreaming of running mice, save on your savings, do not stupidly waste what you have won.
  • Dream of mice, see; dream of a mouse running away in front of a cat, or; dream of a mouse caught by a cat, you have trouble making yourself. There are things behind you that you disapprove of.
  • Dream of mice, see; dream white mice, you will make a wedding.
  • Dream of mice, see; dream of mouse in a mousetrap, you will defeat your enemies.

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