olive dream

Dream of olive, meanings and interpretations of; to dream of olive, the dreams are not identical, and they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and his peculiarities.

Dreaming of olive, olive in dream, dreaming of olive oil, dreaming of olive trees, dreaming of eating olives, dreaming of buying olives, dreaming of green olives, dreaming of picking olives, all these variants of dreaming of olive olive, and many others have several meanings.

Dreaming of olive, means:

  • Dreaming of olive, is a good omen, it is a dream that means joy, it also announces certain friendships.
  • Dreaming of olive, symbolizes peace, calm and lasting tranquility.
  • Dreaming of olive, predicts the realized and concords expectations.
  • Dream of olive, even, dream of black olive, or even; dream of picking olives, on the ground is the index of professional difficulties.

Other meanings of; dream of olive:

  • To dream of olive, even to dream of olive in a tree, is also an omen of reconciliation.
  • To dream of olive, on the sentimental or amorous plane predicts a reconciliation.
  • Dream of olive, even; to dream of green olive, and to see it on the tree, a sign of reckless expenditure.
  • Dream of olive, even; dreaming of picking olives, means that the dreamer must be more reasonable.
  • Dream of olive, even; dream of eating olives, can announce family discord.

Other meanings of, dream of olive:

  • Dream olives, even; dreaming of picking olives, means that the coming year will be beneficial.
  • Dream of olive, even; dreaming of eating olives means that someone has taken away feelings.
  • Dream of olive, even; dream of green olive, is a sign of friendship and kindness towards the dreamer.
  • Dream of olive, even; dream olives on a tree, omen of success in love.

olive dream, predicts:

  • Dream of olive, even; dreaming of rotten olive, can announce a deception.
  • Dream of olive, even; dreaming of an olive sack means that the dreamer will have a serene life.
  • Dream of olive, even; dreaming of cut olive, is an omen of jealousy.
  • the olive cut in dreams, can also mean resentment.
  • Dream of olive, even; Dreaming of picking olives on the ground, announce the victory.

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