potato dream

potato dream, interpretations and meanings of, dreams of potatoes, dreams are not identical, and they can be interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and its peculiarities.

Dreaming of potato, dreaming of potato eating, dreaming of raw potatoes, dreaming of rapped potatoes, dreaming of potatoes, dreaming of cooking potatoes potato, dreaming of peeling potatoes, dreaming of harvesting potatoes, dreaming of tajine potato, dreaming of boiling potatoes, dreaming of apple gratin earth, all these variants of dreaming potato and many others have several meanings.

To dream of potato, means:

  • Dream of potato, dream of planted potato, or; dreaming of consummate potatoes, is a symbol of effort, realism and simplicity.
  • To dream of potatoes, means that the dreamer must provide a lot of effort to achieve what he wants.
  • Dreaming Potato, also predicts success achieved after careful and tireless work.
  • Dream potatoes, announcement of an invitation to a reception, a feast.
  • Dream potato, see; dream of eating potatoes, means a risk of mistakes, be careful and cautious.

potato in dream, also predicts:

  • Dream potato, see; dream of picking potatoes, this dream is a sign of hard work to achieve.
  • To dream potato, see; dream of cooking potatoes, announces an unpleasant next visit.
  • Dream potato, see; dreaming of peeling potatoes, predicts that the dreamer will be released from an obligation.
  • To dream potato, see; dreaming of seed potatoes means that the dreamer must put his relationship in order.

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