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To dream of rape, meanings and interpretations to dream of rape, the dreams are not identical they can be interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer its surroundings and its peculiarities.

Dreaming of rape, dreaming of rape by her father, dreaming of raping someone, dreaming of raping her daughter, dreaming of raping her ex, dreaming of rapist, dreaming of being raped by her boss, all these variants of, dreaming of rape, and many others have several meanings.

Dreaming of rape, means:

  • Dreaming of rape, is not a good omen.
  • Dreaming of rape, is a symbol related to the dreamer’s moral side and his feelings.
  • Dream of rape, see; dream of committing rape, or; dreaming of rape, presage a sense of psychic intrusion, helplessness with regard to a situation or even despotism.
  • Dream of rape, and see; dreaming of being raped, indicates that a third person imposes on you his desire. his opinions, his way of seeing and doing in total disrespect for your desires.
  • Dream of rape, and see; dreaming about being raped, also means that someone is pushing your hand and making fun of how you feel.
  • Dreaming of rape, also an omen of oppressed feelings by situations or real-life people, and the dreamer feels unable to change the course of things.
  • Dream of rape; and see; dreaming about being raped means that you believe that a person in real life is abusing you and controlling you and forcing you against your will for their own benefit because of your lack of self-confidence.

Other meanings of; dream of rape.

  • Dream of rape, and see; dreaming of raping someone, may reflect your authority and rigidity of your character.
  • Dream of rape, see; dreaming about being raped by a man, shows the dreamer’s reactions are revealing of her sensitivity and sexuality.
  • Dream of rape, and see; dreaming of repelling one’s rapist means that the dreamer chooses her relationships according to her own interest.
    Being raped in a dream, while experiencing some sort of satisfaction, means that the dreamer is unable to submit, she follows her goals by not caring for the people around her.
  • Dreaming of rape, and a man who sees rape by a woman means that the dreamer is addicted but does not admit it because he thinks he is indispensable.

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