salt dream

Dream of salt, meanings and interpretations of; dreams of salt, dreams are not identical, and they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and its particularities.

Dream of salt, dream of a lot of salt, dream of eating salt, dream of putting salt, dreaming of salt crystals, dreaming about giving salt, dreaming of buying salt, dreaming of walking on salt, dreaming of eat salty, dream of giving salt to someone, salt in dreams, and all these variations of; dream of salt, have several meanings.

Dream of salt, means:

  • Salt in dream, generally reflects the subtle qualities of the dreamer.
  • Salt in dreams, also represents all the things that enrich or improve the dreamer’s life.
  • Salt in a dream, can also symbolize the devotion and the truth of the dreamer.
  • Dream of salt, see; dreaming of eating something salty, means that the dreamer will have
  • trouble without worries.

Other meanings of: dream of salt.

  • Dream of salt, see; dreaming of salting a dish, predicts that the dreamer wants to give a new meaning to his life, with new values ​​and a new look at his environment.
  • Dream of salt, even; dreaming of salt meat means strength and longevity.
  • The salt dream, unwind in a negative atmosphere, can be a harbinger of difficult and painful experiences that the dreamer seeks to escape
  • Dream of salt; see; dreaming of throwing salt, over the shoulder means that the dreamer seeks to be protected from evil forces.

Salt in dreams, also means:

  • Dreaming of salt, may mean that the dreamer will experience difficult times.
  • Dream of salt, even; dreaming of spreading salt, predicts that the dreamer is worried.
  • Dream of salt, even; dreaming of salt in a barrel, is an omen of disagreement within the home.
  • Dreaming of eating salt can reflect the dreamer’s sense of humor.
  • To dream of eating salt, that the dreamer will be invited to people will be able to serve him.

Dream of salt, predicts:

  • Dream of salt, even; dream of salt spilled, or; dreaming salt mixed with pepper, announces a future dispute to avoid.
  • Dream of picking salt, or; dreaming of harvesting salt, presage of good news.
  • Salt in dreams, can announce gains, profits and success.
  • Salt in dreams is an omen of moral and material satisfaction.
  • Dream of salt, even; dream of filling salt, announces discussions in the couple.
  • White salt in dreams, announces happiness.

Other interpretations of; dream of salt:

  • Dream of gray salt, announces an illness.
  • Dream of salt, even; dream of buying salt, this dream can announce a danger.
  • To dream of buying salt, this dream means that one seeks to deceive the dreamer.
  • To dream of spreading salt, a sign of useless work.
  • Dreaming of a lot of salt, indicates a great opportunity.

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