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to dream of eating

To dream of eating, interpretations and meanings to dream of eating, the dreams are not identical they can be interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer its surroundings and its peculiarities.

To dream of eating, to dream of eating bread, to dream of eating chicken, to dream of eating rice, to dream of eating tajine, to dream of eating fruit, to dream of eating fish, all these variants of; dream of eating, and many others have many meanings.

To dream of eating, means:

  • Dreaming of eating, can predict the dreamer’s concerns by his problems in business.
  • Dreaming of eating, sometimes predicting a dreamer’s wedding
  • To dream of eating alone, a sign of the dreamer’s sadness.
  • To dream of eating, can also indicate that the dreamer wishes to rise to a higher class.
  • Dream of eating, even; dream of eating with loved ones, symbols of a happy future.
  • Dream of eating; even; dreaming of eating in a greedy way, reveals the dreamer’s stress and fatigue.

To dream of eating, also means:

  • Dream of eating others, sign of money found.
  • To dream of eating, and to see, to dream to be invited to sit down to table, symbol a fidelity of love.
  • Dream of eating, dreaming of eating with appetite, omen of wealth and honor.
  • Dream of eating, and see; dream of preparing your own food, you will have a lot of children.
  • Dream of eating, and see; dreaming of offering one’s food means a wedding getting ready.

Other meanings of; dream of eating:

  • Dream of eating, even; to dream of not being able to eat, indicates an illness.
  • To dream of eating, to dream of eating with disgust, means a disappointment in love.
  • Dream of eating, even; dreaming of eating on the ground, means an outburst.

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