to poop dream

meanings of to do poop

Dreaming of pooping, meanings of dreaming to poop, dreams are not identical they are interpreted differently according to the reality of the dreamer, his entourage and his peculiarities.

Dreaming poo, dreaming to poop, dreaming of excrement, dreaming of excrement, dreaming to poop in a public place, dreaming of pooping on someone, dreaming of pooping on your hands, dream with stepping on poop, dream about seeing the poop in the bed, dream about yourself pooping out,  .

To dream of pooping means:

  • Pooping in dreams is an intimate and secret dream for the dreamer who bothers him and makes him worried.
  • Dreaming to poop, reveals that you are looking to free yourself from the routine and troubles of real life,
  • Doing poo in dreams, can also mean that the dreamer is trying to discharge constraints or worries daily.
  • Dreaming to poop is often associated with a demonstration of inner strength, such as bad mood and grudge.

Other meanings of dreaming to poop:

  • Dreaming to poop, in the sight of everyone, or dreaming to poop in a public space, predicts that you regret behavior on your part,
  • Dreaming about pooping on someone means the hate and fury you have against that same person.
  • To dream of pooping sometimes indicates that the dreamer is unworthy or has a low regard for him.
  • Dreaming to poop may reveal a new period when the dreamer will prepare for a new start in life.

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