Drowning in a dream Seeing a child drowning in a dream is an interpretation of drowning in clear water

Seeing drowning in a dream

Drowning in a dream is a frightening dream, but it is not always bad. All symbols must have a negative and positive side, and this depends on the image of the drowning symbol in the dream, as well as the other symbols present with it.

Seeing drowning in a dream in general indicates that you are losing control over a situation in your life or your surroundings.

Seeing yourself drowning in clear water or a clear, calm sea is the best interpretation according to the dreamer’s condition, which is:

The student can increase his knowledge, explore it, and specialize.
The merchant has his own market and trade, which he indulges in and devotes himself to.
For the guilty and the sinner there is repentance.
Seeing yourself saved from drowning, especially if the water is running or clear, indicates achieving what you want.

Drowning in such situations may indicate drowning in worldly matters and benefiting from its blessings.

Whoever sees himself drowning in turbid, stagnant water, this indicates worries and problems.

Seeing drowning in these images indicates loss of wealth or life.

Seeing death by drowning indicates the gloating of enemies.

Seeing a stranger drowning indicates that you are receiving a threat.

Seeing someone saved from drowning in a dream indicates helping a friend to reach higher levels.

As for seeing a family member being rescued who was about to drown, the vision indicates bringing happiness and pleasure to your relatives.

If a patient is bedridden and sees that he is drowning in a sea or river, the vision may indicate his death from the disease he suffers from.

Seeing drowning in a dream due to the raging sea and the waves sweeping over homes indicates a turmoil, drought disease, or a disease affecting the country.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning: what does it mean?

Seeing yourself saved from drowning in a dream represents repentance and a way out of a difficult situation.

Seeing yourself drowning in mud and murky water indicates the temptations and worries of the dreamer.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning by Ibn Sirin: It is stated in the interpretation books that drowning indicates committing a sin and displaying heresy, and death by drowning in turbid water is the plot of the enemies, while drowning in clear water indicates obtaining a lot of money.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning for a single woman: The interpretation of drowning for a single woman does not differ from other social situations, as it has almost the same meanings according to the symbols present in the dream.