Engagement in a dream Seeing a girl’s engagement in a dream

Engagement in a dream Engagement or engagement is the wish of every married girl and boy, and every mother in particular seeks to see her daughter on the day the engagement comes. In the field of dream interpretation, the symbol of engagement in a dream is good news and is generally interpreted as a request for something in life.

Seeing an engagement in a dream

For a single girl, if she sees her engagement, the vision indicates her marriage to a good man, and completing the engagement indicates marriage to a man of high status.

For an engaged girl, seeing an engagement party in a dream indicates that she may reject the person who proposes to her because he does not suit her

Seeing a person as a suitor indicates a low level of people’s admiration for him.

Seeing an unmarried girl getting engaged, especially if she is beautiful, indicates achieving what you want, achieving your goal, and good news of happiness and joy.

Forced to propose to a girl against your will. The dream indicates that your family will force you to do something against your will.

If you see in a dream that you are proposing to a married woman, this indicates that you are asking for something that you do not obtain (money or position).

A vision of a widowed woman getting engaged indicates that the goal will be achieved, but with difficulty.

Seeing a girl who came to propose to you indicates upcoming joy and pleasure and an increase in livelihood and money.

Seeing an engagement party in a dream indicates joy and achieving what you want, and God, Blessed and Most High, knows best and most exalted.